Lod Chong

“Lod Chong” (ลอดช่อง) or cendol is dessert consists of jelly noodles and coconut milk syrup.
lod chong and taro



  • 1 cup rice flour (add some of arrowroot starch prefered).
  • 5 cups limewater.
  • 10 pandan leaves (or pandan flavor).
  • sliced of cooked taro or muskmelon (optional).
  • ice.


  1. Wash pandan leaves. Slice and crush them into water.
  2. Thresh flour with limewater. Mix them into water with pandan then heat mixture. Always stire mixture.
  3. Take mixure into ricer/spaetzle maker. Press mixture into room temperature water for making cendol.
  4. Drain water from cendol. Eat with coconut milk syrup and ice, taro and muskmelon.

Coconut milk syrup.

  • 500 g palm sugar.
  • 500 g shredded coconut.
  • 3/4 cup water with jasmin flavor.
  • 1/4 tsp salt.


  1. Scrape coconut with jasmine flavor water. Separate cream of coconut milk.
  2. Mix palm sugar and salt into coconut milk then boil.
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